When global warming is at its best and people are irritated from the hot weather and pollution which is increasing day by day, rain is like a blessing to us. Those cool winds and refreshing water droplets, the greenery which is at its best, the weather and the birds chirping after a rainfall. All this is way too refreshing from a busy routine and a hot weather.

Rain is the time when we can sit in our balconies look up in the air and feel the freshness of the water droplets. It’s the best time to just sit and have a feeling of peace and enjoy the beauty of nature. Moreover, it is fun too, as getting wet and having hot cappuccinos with great snacks can make the mood cheerful, refreshing and joyful. It helps us to release the tensions and just enjoy the nature.

Rain, in this kind of weather, is a relief from all tensions and hustle and bustle all around. So just sit down look up in the sky, feel the droplets, have fun with your mates, have good snacks and take full advantage of this lovely weather by feeling the freshness and calmness.

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