Little Things That Are Making Us Unhappy

Unhappiness comes in many shades of gray. Sometimes people just lack joy. Life circumstances are beyond control? There are also factors that contribute for feeling down. Here are reasons that make us unhappy. 

1. We worry.

Worry creates inner turmoil. Worrying doesn’t create action, it freezes us so that we are unable to think clearly and make changes to remove the negativity. Bobby McFerrin sang it simply enough, “Don’t worry! Be Happy!” The lack of worry can certainly create happiness!

2. We hold grudges.

Holding a grudge has about the same logic as drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. We are harming ourselves by carrying all of that negative energy. Let the bitterness go.

3. We choose to be happy only when all of our dreams come true.

Who is the happier person, the one who decides, “I will be happy when I make 100 million dollars,” or the one who believes, “I will be happy with a great supper and time with my family?” Find things that thrill you today, and let tomorrow surprise you.

4. We care too much about what others think.

Once people finally accept the reality that we can’t please everyone, life gets so much easier. Stop pleasing people and learn to live your own life.

5. We are stuck in our past.

Many people become the product of their pasts with regret, sorrow, and what ifs. While we can all learn from our past, staying there is not practical to living in the present. The past can’t be changed. So move out.

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