Its in their blood- Biharis

Stereotyping states and different people is a very important and psychologically healthy for a diverse country. That’s how you don’t let one group dominate and things stay in balance. So no offence intended to people this particular group, it is just an act of humour and even if it seems offensive you are free to hit back with the same but nothing personal.

1.Passion and immense love for politics: I was actually ostracised from a group of regular hangout in college because I of my total lack of interest for Bihar elections.  It’s a sport for them. They have various sentiments and egos attached to it and they are so passionate regarding their favourite parties that they lock themselves up in their rooms if they were to lose an election. It is only a matter of time when all colleges in Bihar will organize politics festivals and celebrate it in the manner of speech competitions and quizzes on politics trivia


2.There are only 3 major careers: In order or hierarchy it is UPSC, engineering, government clerical positions. For Biharis only those careers are valid careers which conduct entrance exams as a means to shortlist candidates. And the ones who qualify are a caste within themselves. Only Biharis have the courage aim for IITS and then slip down to banking exams because it’s a quick route to settlement. Choosing other careers is a major hurt to the masculinity of people because they think people think of themselves has incompetent to qualify an exam.



3.Horrible table manners: A very subtle and unique characteristic you will find and make sure you are aware of it before you go hang out with them. With full courtesy and sense of offering you take them to a dinner. They won’t choose to order shit because they don’t have a taste to be honest. Despite you many times asking them to order anything of their choice from the menu they will smile and say anything suits them. So now you order something which you think might be good because you like it yourself. And then right at the very first morsel he will complain and mock the taste. They have this capability.


4.They suck at love: And the reason is that they believe that any girl is within their league.” A girl way out of her league” such a think does not even exist in their dictionary. At the most the least that they can do is choose not to take a dowry otherwise they if given a chance they can even propose to Amal Clooney as if she would be obliged to marry him.



5.English is like acid thrown on the face: You can castrate a Bihari anytime by speaking full-fledged English at his face. You should not do this though but actually even if you did it out of professionalism or simply because you don’t know hindi you will be under their radar all the time. Just to stay within the group of the elites someday they will establish a MBA course totally in hindi just for the sake of their balls. I bet they won’t care to read this also or won’t manage to reach till here if they started let us say for other motivation.



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