Indian Censor Board Don't Want You To Watch These Movies

The Indian Censor Board had banned many hot movies which the board thinks is too s*xual for the people to watch it on the screen. Though they are banned they are collecting a huge reponse from the internet source.

 Let's check out those HOT BANNED MOVIES which are too adult to handle on screen.

1. Kamasutra

Kamasutra was a movie related to the s*x practice in India from generations which helped people to have a better s*xual life with pleasure of satisfaction involved. The movie directed by Mira Nair received a greater response from the people on back screens but was unfortunately banned by the Censor due to its heavy erotic actions shown.

2. G**du

G**du was basically a movie of drug city along with bunches s*x scenes involved. The talk buzz around that the film was directed in a great sense. An individual can easily understand the hype of the movie involved in the abuse from its title. Anyway the film was at last being banned by the officials of censor board because of these reasons which we have discussed so far.

3. Fire

A much disgusting movie which was based on a lesbian s*x. India would not and will not ever accept to show this on screen because the society looks these things as a taboo. The film involved in the scenes putting up to show the erotic s*xual scenes between the sister-in-laws who get much addicted to their s*x life which is not acceptable anywhere in a traditional place like India. And the main reason might be this for the Censor to avoid the movie.

4. Sins

It is a type of film which neither a religion agrees nor a country. The movie had some s*xuality involved between a Catholic priest and a women with a greater abusing involved. This was horribly protested by both Censor as well as the Catholic Association in the country.

5. Unfreedom

The title involves no meaning. "Unfreedom" is never used in a dictionary. Leaving aside all these, the movie had women involved in l*sbian relationship which is already a taboo along with a mixed Islamic terrorism making the movie to stand no-where on the screen.The censor board simply flushed the movie to bin.

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