How to face Challenges

We all love Solutions and Success. To know that you got the right solution or to be successful, we go through many situations and challenges. All we need is to face these challenges. Most of us find it difficult because a challenge does not have specific class. A challenge in your life can be anything.

Sometimes we are connected emotionally to the problem and there it attacks you. Emotions are strongest of all to make you do anything and on top of it, if you were mixing up your problem and emotions, then that would result in a great barrier to reach the solution.

One should know about the type of situation one is facing. That is the first step towards easing the issue.  Try to be stable mentally and physically. Think about the quickest and nearest resources to tackle the challenge.

Do you know about your Potential? There is this word in Physics- Potential energy. It applies clearly to our state of mind when we talk about challenges. We know what we do but we do not know that can we make possible. One has to study oneself to know about things he can make possible. India has a brilliant example Potential energy in the name of PM Narendra Modi. It is a journey of a man from tea seller to a Prime Minister. We have to put this question to ourselves that are we actually doing what we want to do.  You being multi- focused is awesome but did you actually check the accuracy of your focuses? So, the very first thing is to know about yourself. Check your habits, likes - dislikes, focuses, priorities and goals you actually are interested about and then step forward. I mean what if Deepika Padukone was a Doctor; we would have missed a top talented Bollywood Shine.

Age is a challenge. Okay tell me that is it easy to switch your profession in your 50’s? For example, a senior govt. official suddenly realized that he is actually wasting time because he always wanted to be a standup comedian but his age is 52. I feel that this is a kind of challenge where we are more concerned about our acceptance in the society. A teenager wants to make people aware about “Safe Sex” but again he is worried about the acceptance. It might take time to reach on top or to be successful ,the you want, but you will be accepted one day if you are strong and enough to face failure for few steps. Age is not a block.

Stay happy or at least try to be calm as much as possible. It will keep giving you space to make ideas. Worrying too much will never work. Yes, excessive anger, worry or stress can destroy everything. One moment you want to kill a man and the other moment you realize that it was your biggest mistake. So do not let these emotions control you.

Always try to find out that why do you see it as a challenge. Check the possibility to be successful and to fail and consider the outcome in both the cases. These considered facts by you will help you to get the exact nature of your challenge.

Few people consider their love life challenging. There is a simple rule to it. Try to be honest. Let yourself know about the base of your relation. Some chose an economic relation, some political, few go for physical only, and few are emotion driven. Therefore, every relation has its own base, and both the partners should consider that.

For me, most of the challenges go easy, with peace of mind, a cup of strong coffee and music.









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