How to celebrate a healthy Diwali?

~~Diwali is around the corner and here you are on a gifting spree and Swacch Abhiyan for your own homes. All you need is Lights! Camera! Celebration! While your happiness is a on its peak, don't let your health compromise over it.

Thus, here are some safety measures to take care during this festive season.

1. Crackers to be avoided not bursted: Since Delhi's air quality is already choking at hazardous levels, don't fall prey to it. Try to keep pollution at bay. Wear masks wherever you go, especially asthama patients. People with any respiratory ailment should keep off from crackers. Try not to burn crackers as they are good for nothing.

2. Make your own mithaai recipes. Since sales touch a high on Diwali, thus food adulteration is what takes place in hidden dingies and places. Sweets shops are flooded with adulterated sweets which are not only substandard but unsafe as well. Thus, always check expiry dates before buying any sweets. Kaju and besan sweets are safest with least chances of adulteration. Avoid 'khoya' sweets and milk made products. Try to make your own new sweets delicacies.

Also, don't indulge binge-eating of sweets or you may find yourself fat in next few days.

3. Take everything in moderation: Don't indulge in binge-drinking. Drink alcohol in moderation. Don't skip on exercise. Take fried food, sweets, oily snacks in limit.

You can also take an after Diwali detox. Change your diet plan to a healthy one and go for gym sessions.

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