Height of Madness in Love..!!

This news really grabbed attention of many, since it was all about a girl's reaction towards her breakup tragedy..!!! 

Well the story is that the 28-year old woman allegedly not only called her ex-lover a formidable 77 639 times in a week, but also sent him 1937 emails, 41 229 text messages, 217 sung messages and 647 letters in the same period.She was accused of using up to three phones at once to call him, 24 hours a day,  on his cell phone, home number and at work. The woman would have ingested large quantities of energy drinks and amphetamines to remain awake and would have gone sleepless for a week, calling her ex nonstop. But unfortunately, result of all her efforts was just that she was arrested....and thus there's no happy ending! since reality is always hard to accept!!!

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