Going beyond the limits!

Limits are the chains that the society or you, yourself has built and live inside them. Rarely, you wish to cross them. You lock your vision, your thoughts within the limited frames. But darling, you can't see the whole world in a cage. Living in the comfort zone may seem nice, but nothing grows inside it. You have to push yourself out of the boundaries and see the whole world with your eyes. Don't trust anyone except your guts. Aim high, beyond what you think you can do. Because you are too unaware of your actual capabilities. As the saying goes, "Shoot for the moon and you may hit the star", you must think for the highest, work for the highest and in the end if by chance you missed the highest reaching point, you may get high things. Never underestimate your capabilities as you are much more than your imaginations. The ones who inspire you never locked themselves in the prison of limitations neither they let anyone else bound them. They set their goals, worked hard and gained success. Don't ever let anyone else tell what can you do, rather show the world what you are born to achieve.

The comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows in there.

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