Foods that helps you with good night sleep.

We are always interested in losing weight which makes you to follow a appropriate diet chart , but have you wondered if the food you eat doesn’t really help you to get a tight sleep. Just like how an healthy diet chart would help you with healthy lifestyle, sleep is important too. Here are some eatables which would help you into sleep mode.

1. Walnuts

Melatonin is very important to give a better sleep , this particular , melatonin is rich in walnuts. Studies suggest that walnuts naturally consists of melatonin and therefore it can help you in getting a peaceful sleep. Not only that it helps in regulating serotonin in your body and is very beneficial for improving your cognitive skills and would keep you brain active.

2. Chamomile tea

The functioning of glycine is to keep your nerve in a relaxed manner. Chamomile tea provokes glycine which in turn puts you into quick sleep. And off course , enjoy yourself with a cup of tea in this cozy winter and head to your bed for a tight sleep.

3. Greek yogurt

Want to reduce weight ? Yogurt can help you with that ! Want a good night sleep ? Yes off course yogurt can help you with that ! Yogurt is rich in calcium which would lower you stress ,and tryptophan which stimulates the melatonin regulations. So , Greek yogurt provides you with a healthy sleep.

4. Banana

Banana consists of magnesium ,potassium and tryptophan which would lower your stress and relax your muscle’s and nerves. Having banana would be helpful in giving you a better sleep , before heading to your bed have a cup of Greek yogurt with banana and get drenched into the dream world.

5. Cereal

Who said cereal is meant for breakfast ? You can have it for dinner too. It’s not a bad idea having a bowl of cereal during night. Cereal contains complex carbohydrate and when you eat it with milk it would provide you with both carbohydrate and protein. You can also top up with chopped bananas which as tryptophan which will put you in sleep mode.

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