Different dreams and their meanings

Dreaming is an uncontrolled and unconscious part of our behavior. Every person dreams while sleeping, some remember their dreams while some do not. But there are certain common types of dreams that we see like falling from a height or dying. All these dreams have a specific meaning. It will be beneficial to us, if we know about the signs that our mind tries to give us through dreaming.

1. Falling from a height.

Falling from height depicts that a major problem is on your door. The problem could be related to work, relationship or elsewhere. If you see yourself falling in a dream, than you should be prepared for fighting with the problem that is on your way.

2. Being naked in public.

The dream of being naked in public symbolizes that you feel vulnerable or exposed in real life. You need to create a cover for yourself in this situation and be really careful in relation with the people with whom you discuss your close matters.

3. Falling tooth.

Tooth symbolizes confidence. So, if you see a dream in which your tooth are falling. It directly gives you the sign that your confidence is falling too. In this case you need to work on your confidence level and boost yourself

4. Death.

Death is never considered to be a good thing. It's the sign of grief and sorrow. A dream in which you see yourself dead depicts that a dramatic change is coming soon in your life and you need to get ready for that.

5. Meeting a celebrity.

You may be happy to see a dream in which you meet a celebrity. But, its not a good sign. Meeting a celebrity in dreams suggest that you yourself have need for self recognition.

6. Getting late.

Seeing yourself being late in your dreamworld symbolizes that you are indulged with less important things in your life and missing on the things that requires your attention.

7. Being chased.

If you yourself being chased or followed by someone In dreams that means there is an important issue that you are missing to look at.

8. Driving an uncontrolled car.

It means that there are certain things that are not under your control and needs to be controlled immediately to get saved from mishappenings .

9. Babies.

Babies in your dreams do not mean that you need to have a baby soon. It means that you need to startup something new in life.

10. Devils,

Devils are of course not a good thing to see in dream. If you see devils often in your dreams it means you are occupied with negative energy, it can be people or your own thoughts. Devils also personify ego.

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