Debunking Some of the Most Common Substance Abuse Myths

It is really sad that even in today’s times many myths on substance abuse continue to exist in our popular culture, and they are often presented as facts. Today I have decided to give some of the myths a factual debunking that they deserve.

1. Myth: You cannot become dependent on Alcohol; it is not a drug.

Fact: Alcohol is a drug like any other drug; you can become physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol.

2. Myth: Chewing tobacco is safe because there is no smoke.

Fact: Smokeless tobacco can cause mouth and throat cancer, high blood pressure and throat problems. It can also lessen the senses of taste and smell. As tobacco contains nicotine, it contains all the harmful effects of nicotine as well.

3. Myth: A cup of strong coffee and cold shower are enough to make a drunken person sober.

Fact: Only time will cause a person to become sober. It takes one hour for the liver to process one-half ounce of pure alcohol.

4. Myth: Teenagers are too young to get addicted.

Fact: Addiction can happen at any age. Even unborn children can get addicted because of their mother’s drug use.

5. Myth 5: Only weak individuals become addicts.

Fact: That is not true; the truth is that all addicts become weak individuals while under the influence of the drug.

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