Cyberspace should not be used as a platform to place a judgement or opinions.

Cyber space as turned into a judgement platform , cyber is a common platform to everyone in this earth. Before providing your opinion or placing a topic for discussion, just remember, either of the two things might happen firstly, it would gain you publicity , secondly you get to be abused publicly.

1. Platform to reveal Frustration

How would it feel when you get threatened by a stranger ? Horrible right ! That’s what cyber bullying is all about. Your anonymity is in risk. When you place your opinion in an social media , there are major chance of you getting trolled. India being a country with large number of people with large quantity of perspective , they tend to put you in trouble nor you put someone in trouble. This tendency takes place simply to release your frustration.

2. Hide and attack

Generally when you sit back in front of your personal device , you would promptly know that your anonymity is secure and your personality and play around. When an individual doesn’t get a appropriate space to let go their frustration , they find a alternate way to get off it with their identity is hidden. But from a victim point of view , if you getting bullied , it’s not your fault. But the truth behind , just because they are safe and secure behind a technology box doesn’t mean they are courageous, it proves that they simply chose a lunacy way.

3. Silence is the right reaction

If you getting trolled , just shut then out do not let them influence you. When you let them bother , the more you get bullied. Silence is the key to get over it. If you are trying to bully someone just remember to be prepared to face the consequences. When you are facing a cyber bullying or even in real life situation , stay strong . Seek help don’t let yourself down , its always right to inform to your parents or teachers who would help you with it.

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