Are we truly free? The privilege of ‘CHOICE’

Society is persuasive and has many colours. Society is kind of web. You keep travelling, living and weaving it and you die in it. It is always your call to get persuaded or to choose differently. Moreover, tell that, Are you free? Are you free psychologically and socially?

There are many things mixed up. If you try to pull and sort one, another gets disturbed. This is how our freedom is. If one talks Gender, another talks Politics and so it goes webbing anything and everything. The scenario is like less freedom but more barriers. Sometimes we feel that these barriers are making our freedom less working.  I am Hindu girl and want to dress like Muslim girl. Am I free to do this? Maybe or may not. Because a section of society will oppose me, another section will support me and there is always be a section who will be the audience for both. Therefore, I am not sure about my freedom or wish. It is depressing.

There is a difference in Freedom as well. Media has its own terms to express freedom. Religion has its internal Freedom differences. Gender is moving differently on the roads of freedom. The summary is that do we agree on a single definition of Freedom by Law? Women get more security and privilege by Law than men do. However, women are still facing gender-based discrimination and on contrary men due to the misuse of women, privileged laws are not able to be free.  Isn’t it confusing that who is actually enjoying freedom?

We are persuaded every time. We keep justifying our choices to others and they keep persuading us. Okay, pick any matter from the latest list of society. You have your opinion and then you read the newspaper. You start considering. You watch television and again you take or remove points from your chosen opinion. It goes on from talking to a person till twitter comments. This is persuasion of society to your freedom of choice.

We can say that there are two types of cages to your freedom. One is social and another is psychological. Here, Social includes political as well in it. Psychological cage is more dangerous to your freedom. It traps your mind and doesn’t let you do things you want to do. People keep serving their psychotically caged freedom. Questions and doubts keep playing with the brain like-“ I can do this, I cannot. People are always looking at me or people just do not look at me.  My wish will not be accepted. People hate me so I cannot face them and there can be many examples of your psychologically caged freedom”.

Social cage is what you face in the real world. All kinds of discrimination form this cage to trap your freedom. Discrimination based on class, group, or category to which one belongs, e.g. racial, religious or etc are restricting us to be free. Regional discrimination is also on its hike if we go on the data. With the promotion of tourism destinations all over India, Government has officially tried to remove regional discrimination but to make govt. successful; we all need to remove discrimination of any kind.

Yes, we are free. Some issues and problems will always be there. We cannot dream of 100% Freedom. One’s freedom can be a crime for you. If freedom is absolute and 100%, then who is wrong? Criminals will no more be criminals if we demand complete freedom. 

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