Amazon Goes Physical with Amazon Go

Amazon in broadening its supremacy beyond the virtual phase and into the actual world. Amazon which is the top rated and most successful e-commerce website is now opening its physical stores across the globe.

These stores called as Amazon Go will largely be occupied by the grocery item, where shoppers can just walk in pick their grocery items according to their need and just simply walk out of the stores. There will be no need to stand in cash counters or payment gateway lines. All that the costumers will need is a smartphone with Amazon Go app, this phone app will scan the code at the entry to store and then amazon will take care of your transactions. Each product at the store will be closely monitored by the CCTV cameras and high frequency sensitive sensors. The moment a costumer will pick up an item from store, all description of that item along with its price will be added to his Phone App cart. If for a reason costumer decides to put that item back to its position, then the item will also be deleted from his cart. Once you got all your grocery simply walk out of the store and amazon will automatically deduct the cost amount from your bank.

Amazon believes that this new venture will change the existing grocery marketing process entirely. Costumers now will not have to wait at cash counters for making payment, they even can get detailed description about each product they are purchasing and this system will give rise to cash less economy. So next time if you find an Amazon Go store near you simply just walk in and walk out with bunch of groceries. 

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