Add These Snacks To Your List When You Are Next Time Planning For Nocturnal Noshing

Staying up late is normal today. Be it for working or for watching a movie or any TV series or for reading book we prefer to do them at night. Thus being nocturnal brings the hunger cravings which we need to satisfy. But no one wants to cook something at this time interrupting whatever we are doing. If you also are lazy to cook in the middle of the night and want something ready to eat you are at the right place. Here bringing you some ready-to-eat snacks which won't interrupt you and will satisfy your cravings

Dark Chocolate: Milk chocolate bars have a ton of calories. So replace them with dark chocolates. Though having little bitter taste dark chocolate will surely satisfy your craving. This has made with at least 70% cacao having a low amount of sugar. It is a mood booster and an antioxidant.  Next time have some dark chocolate bars in by your side.

Yogurt: Yogurt is always the right choice for cravings. There are two reasons behind this. First, its high protein content is very helpful for your body. Secondly, it is weight loss snack with low calories. Now those who are worrying about weight gain while cheering your cravings can be at ease and have yogurt.

Almonds: Nuts are always recommended in our diet. It gives our body various nutrients which keeps us again from calories. So have a pack of almonds with you when you are planning to stay up next time.

Cottage Cheese: We all love cheese, isn’t it? And having it while watching the TV series or movie feels like heaven. Now, this heaven not only relieves us but also boost the metabolism. Now rather saying cheese have cheese while being nocturnal!!!

Potato chips: Munching chips gives such a relief. Being one of my favorite night snacks, though they have calories giving a miss to the diet sometimes, is always valid.

Candy bar: One of the easiest snacks is this one. Even mentioning it satisfies our craving half away. So not including it in your midnight snacks list??!!

Pistachios: Very few snacks while relieving the cravings have nutritional value. Pistachios are one of them. They contain fiber, biotin, vitamin B6, thiamin, folate, unsaturated fats and plant sterols. In fact, combination of cottage cheese and pistachios is just delicious. 

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