Never mess with MASTER BLASTER even if you are the king of bollywood :THUG LIFE



During the much awaited global citizen function where COLDPLAY band was about to perform before the crowd of 80k. There was a galxay of stars attending the most awaited night of the year. While VJ Gaelyn and Ayushman Khurana was hosting the event , singers like AR Rahman ,Shankar mahadevan set the stage on fire. Many actors presented their views on climate change.


But the most epic thing was the conversation between Sachin Tendulkar and Shah rukh khan which made the crowd in attedance go gaga. SRK was having a chat with Sachin and he asked him about his surprise visit to a school in Mumbai with the Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin.

He asked him did Sachin taught Chris some of his cricketing skills to which Sachin replied - 

"No infact Chris taught him how to play the guitar".

 To which SRK took a jib at sachin and said -

"Great next time whenever I will be having a concert you will play the guitar for me".

Then sachin in his thug style said -

"Okay, but only if you will open a cricket innings with me when I play cricket next".

This made crowd stunned and made them into laugh which was the most epic thing that night.

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