In this task candidate gets the opportunity to show his caliber as an individual.

                                                           Time for COMMAND TASK- 10 Minutes

Prior to the Command Task, the GTO will conduct a small friendly introduction/talk with the candidates in order to make the candidates feel at ease. The primary motive behind conducting the small talk is to boost the confidence of the candidates.

GTO's Briefing for COMMAND TASK-

Till now you have been working as a group but Command Task gives you an opportunity of doing a task your way, in this task all GTO Rules apply other than the group rule as you will be at most only 3 candidates. Each commander will have his own choice of subordinates, but you can choose a maximum of two candidates from your own group as your subordinates. Those choosen as subordinate must do as the commander tells you to do, after all it is his task and he should be allowed to do the task in his own way.


In Command Task, the GTO will call each candidate one by one and will brief him about the task. Now he will ask the candidate to choose 2 subordinates from your group who will be assisting him in the completion of the task as per his commands. Commander has to tackle one obstacle. Commander will get 10 minutes for the task.

With Command Task, GTO tries to bring out the urge and capacity of a candidate to lead a group. So, candidates must listen the GTO carefully and then approach with the chosen two team members. Always try to complete the task with the subordinates and afterwards come back to the start line with the helping materials, appreciate the efforts of your subordinates and thank the GTO.

Candidate’s Role as a Commander

A candidate must behave as a commander by exercising a proper command over his subordinates. He should never commit a mistake of treating his subordinates as his servants. He must logically choose the subordinates on whom he is going to command to complete the task. In case, if any of his subordinates says or does anything against his instructions then instead of yelling he must tell him not to do so, or if they happen to break any rule then he should immediately ask them to go back to previous point to start again.

Candidate’s Role as Subordinate

As a subordinate a candidate must never try to take any action against his commander unless he asks you to do so. So, as a subordinate a candidate should always obey the instructions of his commander.


Candidate must strictly adhere to the following rules while crossing the obstacle.

  a. Out of Bound Rule

The ground between the start and finish line is out of bounds for both human beings and the helping material.

  b. Color Rule

           White: Anything painted white can be used by both human beings and helping material.

            Red: Anything painted red is out of bound for everything.

            Black: It has no significance.

            Green /Blue/Yellow: Only human beings can touch it and is out of bound for helping material.

  c. Group Rule

       Unless all the members of the group reach the finish line of previous obstacle, candidate cannot proceed to the start line of the next obstacle, which means that at any point of time the whole group must be tackling only one obstacle.

       * The only difference is that in PGT candidates have to cross Finish line 4 times but here in CT they are suppose to cross it only for once.

 d. Distance Rule

     Candidates cannot jump across between two points having a distance of more than four feet. Candidates have to bridge the gap by using the helping material provided to make it less than four feet. This distance restriction is applicable horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

 e. Infinity Rule-

     The obstacle is bounded by the set of parallel lines called the Starting line and Finishing line which enlarges till infinity and the area between the two is declared as out of bound. However, the group by any means should never try to delay or take any side step to move beyond these lines.

  f. Rigidity Rule-

     Two rigid helping materials cannot be tied to each other with the help of a rope, but they can be placed one at the top of other as long as they are not tied.

  g. Helping Material Rule

      The rule states that any number of helping materials can be tied separately to any number of structures and the joining of ropes is permitted.

Images of Helping Material

  1. WOODEN PLANK             2. WOODEN BALLI                         3. ROPE


  • A candidate must be a constructive member in his group.
  • He must support the group with ideas if other members have taken lead.
  • A candidate should never criticize, shout and break the rules.
  • A candidate should never give up. He must keep trying to solve the obstacle with his group mates.

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