Have you ever been to land of Sadhus? Yes, I am talking about Varanasi, the land which is believed to be the greatest pilgrimage between heaven and earth. The land on the banks of river Ganga mesmerizes everyone with its ancient scriptures, great cultural centre and immortal destination. There is a misconception regarding Varanasi that it is a destination of the parents and the old. But actually it makes one explore the history of India with its ancient scriptures. Varanasi is the only place which can make you witness the real you and make you connect with the divine. 

Here’s why you should visit Varanasi:

1. River Ganga and its fascinating appearance

Exactly, it gives us a great pleasure staring over River Ganga sitting at the Ganga ghat in Varanasi. Really, it makes you experience solace and takes you to the world of imagination. The evening Ganga Aarti will surely change the way you see the holy river.

2. Boat ride in the morning

Early morning boat ride, isn’t it amazing? You can explore the unexplored zones of river Ganga when going for a boat ride. The best time to go for a boat ride is when the sun starts to rise. The scenic beauty of Varanasi in the morning makes it a perfect place to spend your holidays. Also, you need to beware of the fraud as the boatmen usually demands more money than the usual.

3. Enjoy India’s most divine food at Varanasi

From morning Kachoris and hot jalebis to Litti Chokha, every food at Varanasi will give a thrilling experience to your taste buds. You can’t miss out the 75 flavors of Lassi from a shop named “Blue Lassi”. Off course, who can forget the Banarasi Paan.

4. Do you have a craze for Photography?

If you love Photography, then you can’t miss out Varanasi in your portfolio. Each and every place offers a lot of stunning shots to capture. From meditating sadhus to the mesmerizing river Ganga everything is a perfect play of nature.

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