Spectacular ! Unknown abandoned subway beneath New York.

New York known for its fashion , exploration , why not a land of opportunities stands out stunning with its unique features. But there is a hidden secret beneath it , a gorgeous construction which is unknown to most of us , this subway in New York is must visit spot when you take a your ! City Hall Station is one of the luxurious subway ever constructed in 1904.

The motive behind this amazing construction is to commemorate New York's great transit system.

Even a minute details were payed attention. It was planned to become the original southern terminus of the Manhattan main line but , unfortunately it was shut down as the passengers had to get down in Brooklyn bridge , as it had to make a turn before it reached terminus.

The subway had a curved platforms which highlighted the atheistic work , but as the population grew it was impossible to with hold. Since 1945 , the subway has been shut down but not demolished. Regular New Yorkers are not permitted to visit until they have a. New York Transit Museum Membership. It’s stunning atheistic work , for sure proves it’s the most beautiful subway in New York.

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