Planning for low budget international trips ? Check out these travel destination.

Planning for low budget international trips ? Check out these travel destination. When we tune into television channels , we might get inspired by the foreign locations. We would always feel that this outland trips are meant for rich kids. No not at all , this five exciting destinations are just right for your limited budget . Not only that , these places have got exotic places to visit and quality time to spend with your loved ones. Check out this five exciting international destinations.

1. Egypt

Medical style outland destination , is perfect for your travel budget under 24,000. It as a variety of staying options which ranges from 400 per night. And yes , it as exotic places like pyramids of Giza, the Red Sea and Sinai. Take on a trip to ancient Egypt with your family for five days and enjoy the delightful experience for a low cost.

2. Kenya

Prior booking , a four to six months back before the trip date would be totally awesome to enjoy the trip under 26,000. The amount is much satisfying for a inter city travel and for the accommodation. If you prefer taking safari , the staying cost and the travel expenses will be compensated by them which might be under 2700 a night.

3. Cambodia

Take a trip to the kingdom of cultural richness and heritage , why should a trip always consist of a technology ride in it ? The accommodation and food are amazing and enjoyable. The travel charge is cheap as the air ticket taken to travel from Mumbai to Delhi. The accommodation is cheaper than Egypt , 300 per night.

4. Indonesia

After a inspiration from the movie , Eat Pray Love ! Indonesia as become a breath taking spot to be visited. You could revolve around the nation under 25000 or even lower if you book it in advance. Head over to Bali, Java, Yogyakarta and Sumatra for the complete experience.

5. Bhutan

The nature occupied spot , mountain-scape of the 'Land of the Thunder Dragons' just makes us fall in love with it. Instead of a direct flight, the best budget travel plan would be a domestic flight to Bagdogra at about ₹6,000 and a bus ride across the border at about ₹1,500. Sounds like a plan right ? Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Haa Valley are the perfect spots to click selfies.

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