Relationships are like bombs. They can explode any minute. Every minute is unpredictable. Perhaps that’s the best thing about them.
And that’s the worst about them too.

As the guy in the relationship, often (which is always), you might find the girl confusing.

Her wants, her emotions, her tantrums. They don’t teach you to know more about her.
They confuse you all the more.

So, what to do?

Not to worry. Don’t look for the answers from her. They might never come.
Look for them here. For today we will tell you the to dos and the don’t never dos.

  • Make her feel loved. Compliment her, care for her. Let her know how special she is to you.
  • Make her feel protected. Women love this. Forget what the society says. She wants to feel safe with you. So make her do.
  • Make her feel wanted. At the emotional level. They think boys hate the talk they have waiting for them. Don’t be that guy.
  • Make her feel the hero. Sometimes she wants to save you too. From all your worries and tensions of your life. Let her.
  • Make her feel appreciated. True true she dolls up for you. She got a new haircut? Tell her it looks great on her. The fact that you noticed it without her telling it, believe me, that’s a lot.
  • Make her feel like she can trust you. The most important one. Make her feel like she can count on you. Beyond trust, lies no relationship. So don’t ever go breaking that boundary.


Come on, try these and see the wonders when she smiles that fabulous smile because of you.


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