How Saying No To Intimacy Can Actually Help Your Relationship

When is the perfect time for getting intimate in a relationship? Is it not until marriage? Is it before marriage? Well, different people would prefer and hold different opinions on these matters. Some may be happy with their intimacy on the first date while some others after marriage. In this article, you will find useful tips on when they get really intimate with your partner in a relationship. You will learn if it is better to take it slow or go fast from the start. It is important to note that this is especially for the people who want a long-term relationship with their partners.

A study done by Dr. Sandra Metre asked around 286 participants to think back to their past or present relationships. The point of this study was that she wanted to answer whether it was more effective to say “I love you” before the partners had sex or after having a sexual relationship. 

The study found that when love is expressed before sexual intimacy, the sexual experience discerned to be a positive point for the relationship which helped in better understanding of the partners. On the other hand, when love is expressed after sex, the experience is perceived to be a bad point for the relationship leading to doubts and regrets. When both of you have sex early, you see each other every single day and will also be spending a lot of time with each other. All these factors can make sex boring in a long term. The study above is certainly not conclusive and it does not say anything that whether delaying intimacy is good or actually bad for the long-term relationship. But the results can be useful. To decide when you want to have sexual intimacy in a relationship, you have first known as early as possible whether both of you would be sexually compatible, whether keeping sex off from the relationship might be beneficial. In recent decades, many researchers have found the increasing importance of keeping off intimacy. It was stated that abstinence from sex in short periods in a relationship might make the bonding stronger as regular sex might make the relationship dull and boring. After a long abstinence, the next time when both of you will be intimate it would feel magical. Of course many would argue with it. Many would prefer not to bother about it. 

One of the strong arguments is that delaying intimacy would lead to delayed gratification. Most relationships become dull not because they do not have great sex every day but because they have a lot of it. The passionate intimacy which was once a never-ending feeling slightly worms off and become dull. It might be helpful if you keep a little distance from intimacy from time to time to turn it into a magical feeling again.

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