She was treated like an Animal. Her only Mistake was that she trusted him!!

Love is one of the purest feelings in the world as it contains selflessness, oneness, adjustment, understanding, care, loyalty and togetherness altogether but I have heard it a lot of times that “If you don’t eat a lion when you are standing face-to-face with it that doesn’t mean that the lion will also not eat you” and one of relationship stories in front of me prooves this right. Well, this is about a girl who was mad in love with a Lion (a boy who ate her entirely from the Inside): 

She was thrashed, abused and heartbroken by a boy who she was madly in Love with. She was a very close friend of mine. She was punished only because her crime was that she was too much in Love with a person who didn’t deserve her. That girl named Saloni came into a relationship with this guy name Vikram. Everything was going on well until Vikram started showing his real face to her. It all started off from him asking her for 500 Rupees and that’s not a big deal when two people are in a relationship. She could do anything for him and hence gave him the money. Those 500 rupees went off till 10,000 rupees in a span of 6 months. Vikram started torturing Saloni for money, as Saloni was in her 12th grade she had no source of money but arranged it somehow for him. All his bills, shopping, trips, debts and even cigarettes were handled by Saloni in reference to the finances he always kept asking for. Making Saloni cry by humiliating her and mentally torturing her became a Hobby for Vikram and the excuse he gave every morning for his behaviour was “I was Sleepy and I don’t remember what did I say”. When once she asked him that what was the most beautiful sight for him, he reply “Your crying face” which broke Saloni completely. Her mistake here was that she Expected Love from Him in Return and a little bit of Respect too.

Vikram overpowered her so much that he didn’t let her go on family outings, talk to any of the guys, look at any of the guys, wear nail-polish, wear cut-sleeves clothes, go out with girlfriends, chat on Whatsapp till late, use FaceBook and everything you can think off. Saloni was nothing more than a Sex slave for him and his personal Masturbation Machine. Things started getting too much when Vikram slapped Saloni which caused Deafness to Saloni’s right ear. He apologized and said “I Love You” which was more than enough for her to forgive him. Her tears pleased him, her sadness was what he owned, her aggression became the source of her habit of slitting her thigh skin as she had to keep those sort of emotions inside her etc. He used to throw Saloni out of the Car in the middle of the road when she had no money for his “Luxuries”. Time went by and Saloni friend (ME) tried to show her the real face of that animal. He had one excuse for all this which was “I am not in contact with any girl”. That’s it and he thought this gave him the right to destroy her. Saloni decided to break-up one day as she was shattered by his behaviour over the time of 10 months.

Saloni asked him to meet her and clear the matter once and for all. She told him about each and everything he did to her that ripped her soul apart. It was obvious that Saloni started crying while telling it all to him to which he replied “Stop your bloody tears and please me first, then you can go to hell”. This hit Saloni’s heart like a thunderbolt and she couldn’t resist Slapping him hard on his face. He suddenly realized it all after a Single Slap and asked her for forgiveness. She got down of the car and started to walk away when he folded his hands and lay down right on the road near her feet. Saloni didn’t even think once before stepping on to his back and went away. She went far away, so far that she never looked back. Now, Saloni is 19 years old and is a very confident girl who of course I afraid to fall in love again as her heart was too much broken for that feeling but she is absolutely self-sufficient and knows what she deserves. Her bold step towards going away from such an abusive relationship saved her life and I am Proud of Her!

You don’t have to pay a price for being in Love. You don’t have to go through hell to feel the “heavenly love”. You don’t have to sacrifice your dignity, body and soul for love because LOVE is never a Lion!

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