Worried about winter weight , here is how you can manage it.

It’s Christmas this weekend , time for presents and loads of cakes ! Worrying about winter weight , here is how you can manage it. Winter is the perfect time to lessen the intake of food and choosing the food you eat. Snowy wintery month would gradually add up you weight maybe upto four to five kilos. Winter wants you to be cozy on bed with your fuzzy socks which gives a less physical activity to your body. In order to increase your vitamin D level in your body, it’s better to take post lunch walk. The wintery feel makes you hog on fried snacks and hot beverages and tasty chocolates , which in turn adds u your weight .

You can substitute your hot beverages with hot and healthy soup. You can fill your lunch boxes with lots of green vegetables. Get out of your bed and follow your daily routine, plan accordingly and do your regular workouts. Just check on your bodyweight regularly and keep a track of it ,in order to get conscious about your weight. Try to have less calorie containing food like barley and oats or Dal for breakfast and as well as lunch.

Donot skip your gym , just move it on regular basis. Try to substitute your hot beverage with green tea or green coffee. Indulge yourself in healthy drinking during winter. Limit fatty words as there is lots and lots of risk , as you won’t be moving yourself during vacation. Set you weight resolution target with certain limit which can be reducing to kg’s of weight every month. I know Christmas and new year back to back celebration are around the corner but it won’t be appreciable if you match up to Santa Claus (wink ) !

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