Treadmill - It’s not just a exercise machine , there is a interesting history to it

Undoubtedly , treadmill is one of the convenient and well known exercising machine. If there is a enough treadmill holding space , you can jog on your machine according to your comfort. But what’s the background of this jog machine ? Treadmill was first invented by Romans in 1 at century termed as tread wheel but it had a different purpose. It was used to lift huge weights , all you need to do is step on it and walk around the wheel. It had a huge wheel connected to crane , which can lift heavy objects which isn’t possible by human power.

Later in 1800s the wheel was turned into a belt , where horses were used to run on the belt to generate power. Later it was used for domestic purpose , like churning butter with help of domestic animals such as dog , sheep’s. In 1889 , British engineer William Cubitt invented a contraption for prisoners.. He thought he can receive large amount of human power by making the prisoners work. It was also a way of punishing them , they would run on the machine non stop for 6 hours.

So here we are , these inspired to make a fitness machine , every urban house as a treadmill. And as we all know , we still use them for variety of purpose than jog on it ( wink !)

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