Really, life has become a Tophet these days. We start our day early to reach to our work places and after burning mid night oil in the office we manage to earn a living. But during this complete hectic schedule, what suffers the most is only our health. Yes, “Wealth is Health” is the real mantra which we are following now a days. Now, there is another infirmity which is gripping our health these days i.e. our “Back Problem”.

Working at a desk for a long duration is the only reason for these back issues. It not only put pressure on your back but also restricts your movement and ultimately the typing speed gets reduced.Sitting at a desk can be a host to a lot of problems which may persist for your complete life.

Here are a few tips that you should follow to save your back:

  • You need to take a break

Though, there is a lot of work which you need to complete in your office hours. But taking some break out of your hectic schedule is must to save your back. It won’t impact you much but can give some relief to your back. So, that you can perform the tasks easily. It does not matter if you take a break for 5-10 minutes every hour

  • Get yourself a Good Chair

Every office has good back bending chairs these days which makes you comfortable which working under stress. Even at your homes, you should try avoiding plastic chair which can destroy your back if you sit for a long duration. Though these office-chairs are expensive but these are worth the money you pay in the long run.

  • Avoid eating Fast Food

You need to pay attention to what you eat during the day. If you are following a fast food diet, then surely, you are inviting trouble for yourself. You must eat a balanced diet and carry home cooked food for your lunch. Home Cooked food really works as a panacea for all your health related issues.

  • Stretch your Muscles at a regular interval

 If you are sitting in a same position for a long time, you may feel a slight constriction in your muscles. The slight constriction is a message to stretch your back and sides. You need to perform this at regular intervals to relax your muscles. Also, try rotating your hips and shoulders from time to time while sitting at a single place. 

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