The Top Inspiring Vegan Athletes


Robert grew up on a farm in Corvallis, Oregon, there only he adopted a vegan lifestyle in 1995, during his growing up years. He turned vegan at the age of 15. According to many magazines Cheeke is the Most Influential Vegan Athlete and is also a World famous author of books like Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness, The Complete Guide to Building Your Body On A Plant Based Diet - Shred It. Robert is the founder/President of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness and also maintaining a website named as


is the Co Founder of Vega, a line of food supplements and products and also a 2 time Canadian 50 km Ultra Marathon Champion. Brendan has also introduced a free online wellness program for people to know all the details about following a vegan diet and its wonderful benefits on their body . He is someone who wants people to take up a plant based diet thereby providing adequate nutrition to their body as well.


Venus Williams is a famous name in the World of tennis and an inspiration for budding tennis enthusiasts, she holds the World Record for most wins in a Grand Slam Tournament and has 4 gold medals in tennis singles and 3 in doubles partnering with her sister Serena. After she was diagnosed with Sjögren Syndrome which causes muscle and joint pains alongside dry eyes and mouth, this painful experience made Venus turn vegan in 2011 which according to her changed her life for better.


Hazely who started his career working as a professional body builder in the year 1911, the year 1989 made him suffer an injury , this incident was when his close friend Dave Howe introduced him to what is a vegan diet , that was the day from where Hazely started following this lifestyle rigorously. According to Robert Hazely turning vegan has helped him give a new improved direction to his training ability and a high stamina.


Lewis’ who has to his name laurels which includes 9 gold and 1 silver Olympic medal in 100 and 200 m sprints, long jumps and 4*100 m relays has been voted as the Olympic Athlete of the century. According to Lewis he turned vegan as he wanted to obtain the necessary nutrients while minimising his excessive calorie intake also.


a strength and endurance coach plus a senior kettle ball instructor too, is a well known vegan since the year 1997. According to Mike Mahler taking up vegan diet and lifestyle has helped him to increase and perfect his skills and stamina.


she is someone who started leading a vegan lifestyle when she was in her early teens. She became the Essex County Marathon Champion in 2007 and gives credit to her vegan diet and lifestyle for all her success and achievement.


is a well known bodybuilder and boxer and along with that she is a passionate vegan who stopped eating meat products at the early age of 5. Till now she follows a strict vegan diet and strongly believes that animals are god’s creatures and are not freely available for us to exploit . She feels that turning vegan has helped her to remain strong.


was the only male athlete and weightlifter who competed in the Rio Olympics 2016. Farris who is not just strong but also full of power that he fully credits to his vegan and plant based diet. He switched to a vegan diet in 2014, as he wanted to set a positive example for his newborn by adopting the plant based diet that has helped his body by making it much lighter and his mind a lot more clear and focused.


known to be the fastest disabled woman on the planet had a road accident in 1993 due to which she lost one of her legs and was put on heavy medications, meat products were completely taken off from her diet that she happily replaced with vegan food. Mills believes that vegan food has helped her recover very fast.

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