The Kenyan woman seeks cure from Dr. Durgatosh Pandey, her heart-melting story will keep a hope alive in you.

The phrase "God helps those who help themselves" is a very popular saying which tells us that it is only by our own self determination and hard work that one can achieve success in their life. This phrase cannot be proved more right than one Kenyan woman and her family who has proved that whatever hurdles one may face in life, it is only upon us to face and overcome the challenge.

Her life was fun before the disasters hit her family and left no space to come out of it. This Kenyan woman started experiencing many health problems by every passing day. She consulted many nearby local doctors thinking it is a minor issue that would go off. But things didn’t go well even after the regular treatment. After six months, the day came which left her haywire. The reports concluded that she was suffering from the fatal disease- HIV positive. Without giving a second thought, her family members started her treatment after exploring the list of eminent doctors. Still the woman is undergoing treatment for the same. Her whole family remained supportive throughout her period of diagnosis and with the help and support of her family she got the strength and the will to live her life with dignity and respect she indeed proved everyone that even HIV positive person can live their life normally. She was enjoying her life under the care of her family when another outbreak knocked at her door step. Few months later she was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer after having a constant pain and trouble while swallowing her food. The doctors suggested an oncologist for her treatment. It was later diagnosed that she was suffering from Advanced Oesophageal cancer which required an immediate special surgical oncology treatment. The woman and her family got crumpled after coming across this news. Her condition deteriorated day by day when she was unable to swallow a single drop of water and started losing the weight. The symptoms didn’t improve even after the weeks. All the hopes disappeared when doctors denied taking her case as she was already suffering from lethal HIV/AIDS. Now, the only alternative that was left behind was only a miracle would save her life. . Her whole family was devastated for her and were ready to seek help of doctors around the globe to restore her health. 

As the woman was HIV positive she had a very low immune system and she was told that the chances of her survival were very low. It was at this time that her family doctor suggested Dr. Durgatosh Pandey from India, who is an eminent oncologist with some of the best success rates in the country. The woman mustered all her courage and decided to not give up in her life at any cost. She walked down to India for the treatment under the expertise of Dr Durgatosh Pandey and it was this choice that completely altered her life. She was admitted to Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon for the surgery.The doctor correctly diagnosed after hearing the entire case and performed various tests like the endoscopy, upper gi, x-rays before executing the surgery for oesophagus cancer (esophagectomy).Her case became hideously serious and no doctor would have taken the risk of such major surgery for this woman who was already the victim of HIV.

Finally, Dr Durgatosh and his team of professionals performed the surgery for long hours. They had to be very careful that she does not contract any immune deficiency disorder during her treatment as her immune system was already weakened due to HIV virus. Normally, in esophagectomy, a part of the oesophagus or the entire oesophagus is removed. The lymph nodes near the oesophagus and the stomach is also removed during this operation. But in this patient, it was done with radical lymph node dissection (the surgical removal of one or more groups of lymph nodes). The surgery came out to be a grand success as the doctor through his profound expertise could remove the affected section of oesophagus. After two weeks of the surgery, the patient was able to eat and swallow normally. She was then advised for Chemotherapy, and around few months later, the Doctor confirmed that the cancer was in remission. “I was denied to be treated by several doctors for oesophagus cancer. My life was ruined and gradually dumping into the black hole as I was HIV patient too. But Dr. Durgatosh Pandey came as a silver lining during the dark clouds of my life. It is due to his expertise and confidence in this field; he restored my life back to normal. He is a born saviour”, said the woman expressing the sense of satisfaction and gratitude. During the darkest days of the woman, Dr Durgatosh Pandey came as a ray of hope and gave her a new cancer free life. As the saying goes “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” , and it was Dr Durgatosh Pandey and his team that turned this light on for the women. Now, the woman is back to her country and leading a normal life and still undergoing the HIV treatment.

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