The Evil Plastic !!

Plastic bags can be found in every house today. No doubt they are very convenient but they possess a hazard which most people are not aware of.

A day in a normal household begins with the use of plastic bags as the milk supply comes in a plastic wrapping, our fruits , vegetables , grocery everything comes in plastic which is light weight and flexible.
But if we look at the various hazards it is putting our society into you might consider giving up its use. Plastic bags or polythene bags are made from crude oil and natural gas, both of which are non – renewable sources of energy and they produce nothing but pollution, even their degeneration takes about thousand years and during that time they only cause damage to our nature. Plastic does not also burn completely .

Because of their inability to be recycled they mostly end up in landfills , oceans and seas and also in the stomach of dead animals who wash up at the sea shore. They strangle animals who try to eat them from dust bins or landfills, blocking our drainage system resulting in a water overflow during the monsoons is one dreaded thing that plastic does, they make the soil infertile and pollute air and water. The toxic gases that plastic emits after burning kill thousands of  people every year and the population living near plastic factory are mostly detected with cancer.

In order to get rid of this dreadful plastic the people of the country have to join hands in unity and eliminate this evil completely and make our lives clean and green, we should completely disown plastic and make natural products an integral part of our lives like jute bags and cotton bags. The motto in our life should be “Say no to Plastic”.

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