Occasional alcohol intake might push you in trouble.

It’s vacation time , time to party with your friends and families. You might attended various gatherings and parities during festive season. But consuming alcohol during this social situations increase the possibilities of alcohol related accidents and death. According to experts at UC Davis Health System in California occasional drinkers get more involved in consuming high amount of alcohol in social gathering which would make them more vulnerable to its effects.

Party goers must assign a driver who would stay sober to ensure they reach back home safe. It becomes highly important to consume alcohol in minimum level to decrease accidents and other effects on health. Minimal level of drinking – one drink per day for women and two drink per day by men. Alcohol is easily absorbed blood which triggers the element of depression and makes you discomfort.

By time , alcohol puts you in the risk of liver danger and heart disease. Party givers must ensure and take measures for guest safety and avoid alcohol related accidents. You can also provide non alcoholic beverages and more variety of food to your guests. You can ask your guests not to drive after consuming alcohol. And party goers there are various and numerous things to be given as a gift , alcohol is not the only thing you can think off. And it’s important for parents to ensure that your children are having fun without alcohol in the parties they attend.

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