Hope you all are enjoying the chilling winters! But beware these winters may invite trouble for you. Now, if you will challenge this season then trust me you will be at the downside. And many health problems will soon come and say hello to you. Amongst all the health issues, the most common problem faced by every person especially in the winter season is that of a “Sore Throat” which force you to trespass the territory of cough and cold. Really, sore throat is very irritating when it comes to itchiness and gives a scratchy feeling in the throat.

Here are some natural ways by which you can show an exit door to the sore throat:

1. Drink a glass of Hot Milk

Milk act as a perfect remedy to the problem of sore throat. It gives a soothing effect to your throat and works as a panacea to curb that itchiness in the throat. If possible add a tinge of turmeric powder to it to make it more impactful.

2. Mulethi

Mulethi is an Indian medicinal plant which is basically used by singers to soothe their throats. Besides this it plays a pivotal role in curbing the sore throat. Mostly people rely on the medicines such as Strepsil to comfort their throats but Mulethi provides an instant effect with no harm to the body. You just need to take a small piece of Mulethi and chew it the sore throat is troubling you a lot.

3. Ginger

Now, Ginger basically acts as a complete counteragent to sore throat. It not only provides a soothing effect to your gripped sore throat but also counteragents the bacteria responsible for sore throat infection.

4. Garlic

We just all hate the foul smell of Garlic. But you know the best part of garlic is its anti-microbial properties. If you are having really a bad time with your sore throat then just have it in night and see the impact it exhibits.

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