Obesity is the most common problem the whole world is facing today. It is a home to millions of diseases that pose a huge financial burden on the national resources. However, there are many techniques and practices by means of which one can protect himself from the excessive deposition of fat in the body. These Pizza, noodles generation is continuously being victimized by the effect of Obesity and are inviting trouble for themselves.

If You Are Obese Then You May Invite Trouble For Yourself In A Job Interview :

Now, health is considered as an important parameter to judge the ability and agility of the applicant for a particular job. These days many organizations still consider it perfectly acceptable to refuse to hire or to fire an obese individual. Yes, discrimination has been exhibited in a newly decorated way adding a tinge of obesity as a criteria to evaluate the candidate in a job interview. 

1. Misjudgement of Qualities

The first impression is the last impression especially in a job interview. Once an applicant enters the interview hall, his appearance speaks many things about this character and employer start relating the job position with the job applicant. That very moment, if you are an obese then employers may misjudge your abilities and presume that you can’t handle difficult tasks or work for long duration under stress without getting tired. But who knows an obese person may work more efficiently than a man of normal weight. Instead of judging the individual and checking his suitability for the job, the employers make an assumption that “He is an obese, he may not be able to perform certain physical tasks”.

2. On the Job Challenges

Now, suppose being an obese you have been hired by the employer by judging your abilities and qualities. Don’t assume that you are secured and in the comfort zone. On the job challenges are on your way to say “Hello” to you. You may become the victim of “Interpersonal Discrimination” i.e. other employees don’t greet you nicely, make less eye contact, stand farther away from you and may try to end the discussion more quickly than with a person of normal weight.

3. Trouble for Women

If you are an obese women then your condition is more severe as compared to an obese man. Studies prove that there are more challenges are to be faced by an obese women and even the opportunities for them are less in number. The income level is certainly low as compared to other individuals. Besides this, the jobs assigned to them does not include much of public interaction.

"Health is the Greatest Wealth". One needs to understand that if health is lost everything is lost. Every Job will be useless if there are dire consequences being ripped from that job affecting the health of the individual. So, Stay Fit and Healthy!

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