Everyone aspires for a chilled-out working life with a tinge of comfort zone to it. But, do you know the meaning of actual work is to get out of your comfort zone and play a master stroke? And it’s obvious if you are burning midnight oil to scale up the company’s performance then “Stress” will surely say a hello to you. Stress has, thus, successfully secured a place in our respective minds.

But studies prove that a little stress is good for your health and has various benefits:

1. Strengthens your Immune System

Immunity is the ability of a human body to fight certain diseases and to give a protective covering to your body internally. And stress can actually help your body’s defense mechanism against illness. When you are attacked by any disease, then stress releases some hormones in the body to show the exit door to that sickness.

2. Sharpens Your Memory

Now you must have noticed, if you read anything just before entering your examination hall, you are able to recall that easily in the exams. And even if you have to give any presentations in your office, your nervousness and stress makes you focused towards that particular task and gives you the best results. Therefore, your memory gets better when you are tensed.

3. Stress Boosts Creativity

Exactly, we get very innovative ideas when we are at the eleventh hour to complete any task. You may not be able to unleash a creative idea if you have not been given a deadline to come up with your work. So, stress pushes creative breakthroughs.

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