8 out of 10 people are suffering from "Migraine" and these simple Home Remedies are a must to save yourself from it!

“Migraine” is one such problem which has consumed most of the people in the world today. Migraine has various reasons that include lack of sleep, hypertension, imbalanced diet, straining of the eyes etc. and there is no one in the entire world today that is not falling under any of these. Some may be affected by migraine and some might not. Actually migraine is a problem where one side of your head hurts (preferably left) uncontrollably resulting in nausea, vomiting, dizziness etc. some people say that Migraine can be cured while others say that it can never be cured but yes, the intensity of the pain can be decreased. Migraine comes to people in different levels ranging from normal to acute all depending on their lifestyle.

Migraine pain is one such uncomfortable pain that gets too hard to handle after some time. It just cannot be expressed properly. Migraine attacks which is the sudden pain that erupts in your head’s one side if taken to the doctor immediately will surely get you need an injection or two as the blood pressure drops down but people who have acute migraine cannot get injected each and every time as that again is not good for health. So here are some home remedies for migraine that will act as saviors from migraine and they are utterly easy and handy. Start taking a note:  

  • Use LAVENDER OIL for helping you out with Migraine. Put some drops of lavender oil in water and heat it as soon as you see the vapors rising cover your head and inhale them. They will act as relief on your migraine and also prevent it.
  • Use PEPPERMINT OIL by inhaling it straight away. You need not heat it. The healthy fumes from peppermint oil will relax your brain and also relieve you from Migraine Headaches.
  • The BASIL OIL also does the needful for any type of headache and just inhaling it can do marvels for you.
  • Make sure you start taking a HEALTHY DIET and also include a lot of citrus fruits and roughage in it. This will generate good hormones in your immune system to fight against headaches like Migraine.
  • Whenever you feel that you’re going to have a migraine attack as the 1st hint to it any time is a headache on one side of your head just give yourself or ask someone to give you a HEAD MASSAGE as this will help to relax your muscles at a great extent.
  • Do CUT DOWN ON CAFEINE AND NICOTINE as they make these migraine symptoms even worse. Things like Aerated Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Dark Chocolate, Cheese etc. should be avoided.
  • Try to have a TIMELY AND REGULAR SLEEP at night as rest is important for people with Migraine and helps the brain to relax properly.
  • Try NOT TO STRAIN your eye muscles on mobile phones, laptops or computers and if you do, then make sure you close your eyes for at least 5 minutes after every half an hour of your working.
  • If these Migraine Attacks happen to you regularly then you must CONSULT A DOCTOR immediately to identify the intensity of Migraine as the pain caused by this problem can go on for 3 to 4 days as well.

Your care is in your Hands and thus, your discipline towards your own self can make a Huge Difference in improving your condition at a fast pace.   

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