1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER – While this may seem earwax to you now, this is often ignored. It is the simplest habit to be followed and does not take up your time or your calories to carry out this thing. Replenish your system with the daily amount of water. Drink 7-8 glasses of water every day. It cleans your system of the toxins and leaves a glow to your face that no cream or gel could produce.

2. EAT RAW FRUITS/VEGETABLES – True story.  They have more nutrients and vitamins in them but you already know that. Take out the time to eat them. Whether it is in a salad or at someone’s house, EAT THEM. You will get the fibre and energy your body needed. Plus, it will make you healthier than before.

3. EXERCISE DAILY- Do this and do this daily. Every day, just for 15 minutes, exercise. Stretch your body; take a walk, jog, and sprint. Do anything to get going the muscles in your body. Work out and sweat. Burn calories. You will not only be fit but walking a long distance won’t be hard for you anymore.

4. TALKING – Be in touch with your friends and family. Don’t be the loner who is better off himself or herself. Make sure you have got some good friends in your life. You will always have someone to talk to, that way. Talk to them. Talk about your work, your boss, your shopping, your country, anything. Just let it all out and you will feel happy.

5. DRINK GREEN TEA – It is plain and simple. Moreover, the EGCG—a super potent nutrient found almost exclusively in green tea—has been shown to help break down fat and discourage new fat cells. So, drink away, my friend!

6. NO TO THE JUNK- This may not seem easy at first, munching away on chocolates and chips and gobbling down noodles and what not. Refrain from them as quickly as you can. They may seem like heaven to your taste buds but they are no goodie for your body.  Several heart diseases and Diabetes are linked to your eating habits.  They degrade your body. So, you are not doing them any good, rather you are constructing more easily the path to your doctor’s office.

7. SAY NO TO ALCOHOL – Probably the second simplest thing next to drinking more water.  Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Neck Cancer, Colorectal Cancer etc. These are some of the deadly diseases that you can avoid if you simply take this simple decision: No Alcohol.

8. WATCH LESS TV – Stick to the news. Rest of it, everything comes under ‘wastage of time’, believe me. If you are an addict, get rid of this habit. FAST. It kills most of the productive time you would have had, had you not wasted watching re-runs of Game of Thrones. Watch them, but not enough to mess with the time you could have done something useful in.

9. SLEEP TIGHT AND ON TIME – If you want to get healthy  then stop the late night sessions where you can’t stop to go through your messages or you just want to watch that movie. Getting the right amount of sleep is of utmost importance. Your body needs sleep. Get 6 hours of sleep every day. EVERY DAY.

10. WALK MORE- Avoid your cars and taxis and Ola Cabs. If you know you can cover the distance by walking, do it. It is the best form of exercise.  Enjoy more of Vitamin D. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. So, what are you waiting for? Put your shoes on and get out of your house!

11. WORRY LESS- Just don’t start bawling on every small little thing. Embrace your life. Smile more, worry less. It makes your heart happy and hey! You’ll live a longer life by smiling your blues away than painting them an even darker shade of blue. So, smile more. Throw away the tension and set things straight with a curved smile!

12. GADGET NO GOOD- Digitalization is finally uncovering its way today.  But instead of spending your hours with your head bent in a gadget, spend your time doing some outdoor activity. Go trekking, have a picnic, play badminton with your neighbour. Anything. Don’t stay holed up in your room being the ‘nerd’ while all you did was post pictures on Instagram. It is absolutely of no use and kills more of your time.

13. DRINK MILK- Or not. I mean, your daily intake of milk should not produce a blank. Make custard, have a banana shake. Just drink your milk daily. It might seem childish but you know how you are getting skinnier and skinnier every day? Yeah, that’s not good. Supply your body with the right amount of nutrients.

14. COOK AT HOME- First of all, learn how to cook. The better, the healthier.  Cook at home as much as you can. The restaurants may offer a variety of dishes but they reduce the bulk of your wallet as well as your health. You know better than to trust them with whatever they are serving as ‘deemed perfectly healthy’. So, have home-made food as much as you can. Say no to dinner at that place. Or that. Or that.

15. DO MORE OF THOSE CHORES- This is in sync with the above point. Don’t be lazy. If you need that glass of water, go fetch it yourself. Clean your room, fold the clothes, wash your socks. Do it. It reduces anxiety, makes you happier, boosts your productivity, and prevents a heart attack and what not. So it is not about helping your mother only! It is about helping yourself too!



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