Most Amazing Architects of All Times

We all are surrounded by enormous buildings. Each one of its own kind. While most of them are built on a normal architecture and design just to fulfill residential or commercial purposes, some buildings are designed by the architects with a special aim and passion which makes them eye alluring. Here is a list of some of the world’s best architects.

1. 1. Daniel Libeskind

This Polish architect is known for the Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre and the Jewish Museum in Berlin. In the year 1972, Daniel used to work for the architecture legend Richard Meier. Daniel Libeskind and his wife also found Studio Daniel Libeskind. The Imperial War Museum of England is his another distinguishable work.

2. 2. Sir Norman Foster

Sir Norman Foster graduated from the Manchester School of Architecture and Yale University. His alma matter itself shows the perfection of his work. Sir Norman Foster has contributed to the world of architecture by many lucrative buildings. The major one of them being the Dumas Headquarters and the Wembley Stadium.

3. 3. Antoni Gaudi

Gaudi was one of the architectural maestros who did his work during the 1800s. La Sagrada Familia was his work which gave him name and fame. His work was usually inspired to a great extent by nature and its beauty. He built Casa Milla, which laid the foundations of architectural modernism.

4. 4. Mies Van der Rohe

This German architect preached the phrase of “less is more”. His ideas and designed showed efficiency and rationalist thinking. Some of the well-known work of Mies Van der Rohe is Barcelona Pavilion situated in Barcelona, Spain and the Mies’ Seagram’s Tower in New York City. This architect was a pioneer in his domain and reached the apex of fame in the 1930s.

5. 5. Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers is considered to be the numero uno architect of his domain. His designs exhibited the modern contemporary architecture. Roger’s did the work which acts as a milestone for other budding architects. His best works include the Pompidou Centre and the Lloyd Headquarters situated in London. His buildings are efficient in terms of the resources and take the architecture to a different level of appreciation.

6. 6. Renzo Piano

Renzo’s family members were indulged in the world of buildings. His fathers and uncles worked as contractors. This led him and inspired to take interest towards buildings and designs which made him one of the greatest architects of the modern era. This Italian legend is best known for New York Times building in NYC and the Shard London Bridge. He was the recipient of the Pritzker Prize in the year 1998.`

7. 7. Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid is amongst the female architects who made their mark in the world of architecture and that too with pride. Hadid was awarded the Pritzker Prize and she was the first woman to receive this. Hadid is known for Cincinnati’s Rosenthal Center, Abu Dhabi’s Art Center, Bee’ah Headquarters located in the UAE along with many opera houses, archives and other pieces of architecture.

This list goes on and on depending on the architectural domain. But the above-mentioned maestros are the ones who made their special contribution in the domain of architecture.

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