There are some beautiful beautiful movies with a materialistic concept and they don’t ever make it to the box office. In fact, several times it happens that rarely anyone hears of these movies.

Has it all come down to just a few things?

Famous names, copying from Hollywood, Impossible physics-defying action scenes, nonsense romance, Item numbers? Is it what makes a movie hit today?

Or is the quality of Bollywood Movies REALLY degrading?

Let us see for ourselves.

The answer of course would be, YES. Movies like Chennai Express, Sultan, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Baar Baar Dekho have nothing in their plot that makes it watching worthwhile.

(Although Baar Baar Dekho was a flop, nevertheless it created the buzz of a success given the movie actors who starred in it.)

Some movies are in the top 10 Box Office hits yet they hardly seem to qualify the test of quality.

It speaks much about the class of Bollywood.
I am not against it. Bollywood has produced some OUTSTANDING AND SPECTACULAR movies which are much much better than the ones that pitch in crores and crores on the first day of their release.
They come with a far better story and with a great and rich taste in music and seem determined to impress a position in our hearts, something the present day movies FAIL to do so.
You go. You watch it. You forget it.

(In case, it is a Rohit Shetty, you regret it.)
So movies like Madras Café, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag were truly wonderful but did they surpass the successful ones? No.

It really does not matter that you are watching Hollywood movies now. It is simply not possible to go out there and pretend to like these movies.
Directors are on roll here. They are trying to make a movie anyhow and do not seem to care about the plot. It is the promotion that they are after. Luring the audience is what they are grooming themselves at now.

It all seems a bit pathetic, to be honest.
Money is spent much MORE on the promotion rather than on the making of the movie.
Is it so?

Does it mean that if you want a super hit movie, you need more money for promotion rather than having a good storyline or worthy actors?

It seems so.
So it is simple, my friends.
Pool up money to make space for more money.
Talent? Acting? No, that can be adjusted in the back. Bollywood really does not seem to care what it is producing every year.

 Bag all the promotion you can get guys, bag it all.

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