10 actors who changed their name

Bollywood is ruled by divas and hunks. This is a platform for rising stars. But, inside the showbiz industry, there are several people who have a different original name. These ten actors showed their magic on the big screen and earned huge fame. Check out the list given below, maybe your favorite's performer got a different name.

1. Rajesh Khanna

The first ever superstar that India ever witnessed is Lt.Rajesh Khanna. With his brilliant acting and chocolaty looks , he came at the top on the list of actors. But Surprisingly , he owes a different original name that is JATIN KHANNA.

2. Dilip Kumar

The tragedy king of bollywood , Mr.Dilip Kumar lives in the heart of audience. His acting skills were appraised by the whole b-town. But , Dilip is not the real name of him,it is MUHAMMAD YUSUF KHAN.

3. Akshay Kumar

Popularly known as khiladi Kumar or Akki. Akshay has entertained the viewers through his acting skills since 80's. He is a complete package of good looks and skills.The original name of Akki is RAJIV BHATIA.

4. Sunny Deol

The actor who lives in the heart of Punjab, Sunny Deol has also changed his name. He changed his name from AJAY SINGH DEOL to Sunny Deol.

5. Salman Khan

The dabangg of B-town, Mr.Salman Khan, who gained love and appreciation from India and even abroad. He has a different name that he actually got from his parents, that is ABDUL RASHID SALIM KHAN.

6. Preity Zinta

The cute, cool , bindaas actress of the B- town ,Preity Zinta. Preity even has a different name, which is PREETAM KUMAR SINGH. She changed her name after the release of her first debut film.

7. John Abraham

The hot and talented actor of the bollywood, John Abraham. John has won our hearts through his body as well as perfect acting skills. Gave us many hits too. But , John is not the name that he owns from the time of birth. His real name is FARHAN ABRAHAM.

8. Katrina Kaif

The heart robber of million hearts, Katrina kaif's name is also in the list of the celebrities who changed their name. Her original name is Kate Turquotte which she changed purposely for her entry into the film industry of India.

9. Ajay Devgan

The Singham of b-town, the cool and stylish actor, Ajay Devgan changed his name long ago. The original name of singham is VISHAL DEVGAN

10. Saif Ali Khan

The nawab and an adorable name in b- town , Saif Ali Khan is one of the most talented actors that our industry has. He gave us many hits and earned reputation due to his work.The nawab Sabah has a different name, which is SAJID ALI KHAN. He changed her name right after his entry in bollywood.

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