Periods: the menstruation taboo that won't go away.

We have 5,000 euphemisms for menstrual periods, but we still can’t talk about it openly. Despite all the social and professional advancements for women, the monthly period is still treated as a taboo. It’s interesting that so much embarrassment, awkwardness, and shame surrounds a natural bodily function. Being a supreme truth we agree not to talk about it. Why?

When women are emotional, or tough, or in a bad mood it’s really common to hear the cliché “It must be her time of the month!" Blaming women’s behavior due to menstruation? Seriously?

Why should women feel awkward if a tampon or pad falls out of their bag in public? Why should women feel ashamed and uneasy while talking about their periods out loud? Why should women be treated as impure, polluted, filthy, cursed and are restricted to go to temples during her periods? Why? Because God has specifications?

I really want you people to see a short movie.
Here's a short movie that shows the reality of daily basis life of a female.


Menstrual taboos lead women to be the subject of social exclusion, ruling them out of contributing in religious activities and making them an outcast. Isn’t it high time we got rid of these taboos?

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