You have been noted : Fingers to be inked to prevent overcrowding

Day after the implementation of demonetization, one of the doleful issued faced by the nation was the formation of long queues infront of banks to exchange demonetised notes. In order to prevent overcrowding at banks and choking queues , banks wil use indelible ink from wednesday to mark the fingers of people exchanging currency. This process is implemented in order to stop people from repeatedly visiting banks.
A small ink mark will be made on a finger of the right hand of those people who exchange the demonetised notes which would prevent banks from overcrowding. It was seen that bank counters were getting crowded because the same person were showing up repeatedly to change notes. An committee consisting of top officials is preparing a formal procedure for ink marking.
Some banks entertains only the account holders for currency exchange which created a chaos among people as they spend almost a day to exchange their notes. But there are various other banks who helps people in exchanging without accounts , but the procedures are huge.
In some part of the states , Post offices are issuing tokens to manage crowd by providing limited tokens only the token holders can exchange demonetised notes.This procedure is seen in  most post offices  across the city which stops the exchange after 3 pm.Now post offices as stated that all other  financial transactions are been stoped till november 20 untill the currency exchange work is done.


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