With No High-Flying Management Degree - A Farmer’s Son Budhi Prakash Thakur : Starts An Airline Company In The Himalayas

Time and fortune changes everything . No human is born to be poor or rich its just your karma that pushes every deeds of yours to you. And your good deeds surely results in best of what you deserve . 

One such exmaple of good deeds is father - son who was struggling to beat poverty in Himalayan are now became a successful entrepreneur, starting his own Himalayan Airlines company and it is proved time and again, that one doesn’t need to be born with a silver spoon to become successful.

Born in a very poor family in village Khakhnal near Manali, Budhi family members had to struggle to make basic needs . He completed his early education in government school . Later, Thakur finished his secondary education from DAV Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh and went to Punjab University for graduation .

In 2014, Thakur embarked on beyond everyone imagination. He started Air Himalayas, even as he had no experience in the sector and the investment required for the business was huge.

The company started operating chartered flights on Chandigarh-Kullu route. It just take 40 minutes to travel a long distance and the company runs a nine-seater flight and charges around Rs 6000 per person.

The company is operated on  bank loan and made and Budhi personal investment and finally called  the first private aviation company to operate in the region.





"Nothing Is Impossible As The Word Itself Says i ' m Possible".

1. A Proud Family on ride

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