What will the world be in the next 50 years?

Usually I would start with giving you a verbal vision of what could our earth be like in the coming fifty years. But the strange part is, I really do not know whether the earth would even be a place to survive in till we get to see more wonders of science.

Can we forget the amazing gadgets and technologies strolling on our way for a moment and talk about the possibilities of environmental fatality? The human race is the most advanced and smart specie to ever evolve, so why aren’t we behaving like one?

Can’t we sit one day and think what is becoming of our planet? It’s a shameful thing to admit, but early men had more sense towards their environment, the animals, they killed for food not to make a showpiece out of the skins and body remains. We have advanced so much in science that within forty years of not knowing anything above writing letters we have come to use devices which would be considered sorcery by the people in the 19th century.  We have created visual wonders, mega connection and brought in a deferential Globalization. But just turn around and see how much we have poisoned the nature just to help our insatiable avarice. We call it the ‘Mother Earth’, and yes it has even played that role in all of our lives, but the unfortunate thing is that it’s not going to keep taking immaturity from us like our mothers do. We have officially damaged our planet and did great deeds like increasing the global warming by three times in the last ten years than what our predecessors and the entire living kind did in few thousands of years. We can see a very startling difference in the summers we had a few years ago and the summers we have now.

It’s funny that we have built devices to even kill the heat in such a manner that even that contributes to the global warming. We all have contributed to the ozone depletion so why can’t we ALL contribute to rejuvenate the environment again? We can’t keep causing deforestation, disturbing the food chain, act like a spoilt icon for luxury and selfishness: too lazy to use a public transport, too stubborn to do their pollution check, too aggressive to respect the environment.

How long will we keep behaving like imbeciles before sense hits us in the form of destruction?


It won't be like you imagine

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