It is New Year already! With 2017 just around the corner, we all have had that stage where we think we should make some resolutions, right?

Everyone should have made at least some new resolutions each and every year and without fail, would have failed to follow them or stick up to it.

So, let us see how we can make it better by giving you some tips and tricks as to WHAT you should consider while making up those resolutions.


THE 16 PROMISES: Did you do something similar back in 2016? Still feel that those resolutions you made just made it to your list and then nowhere? If you think so, do try out to make them again. Give them a second chance.

GET REAL THIS YEAR: It is no longer the time you need to pull of something crazy by saying THIS IS MY NEW RESOLUTION. Get real, know where your priorities lie and make sure you make the goals that concern them and them only. Everything else can keep going smoothly, just the way it did in the previous year.

A ‘NO’ RESOLUTION: This is a really good one. If you have a problem that is related with some kind of ‘addiction’, then go for it. Addicted to booze? Set up a new goal. Addicted to gambling? Really, set up a new goal: TO GET RID OF THAT ADDICTION. Set up a new resolution that says no I will do this no more because that’s my New Year resolution. To say no to this. And I am proud of it.

ALL ABOUT THAT HEALTHY LIFE: Not quoting Meghan Trainor, I would like to add this one too. All of you health geeks there please make this year THE YEAR. Make a schedule, include all the veggies, go for a walk, maybe even add some more people to it. Getting fit: make this the new target of 2017 so that the December of this month sees a healthier you.

GIVE AWAY: Don’t just make more and more resolutions for YOU. Make them for the poor people too. Share and give to make this world a better place.

So, these were the top 5. Make sure to abide by some of them and make this New Year a livelier one!

Cheers! And Have a Happy New Year!


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