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Twitter, the famous social networking site maintains its promise to act on its fight against hate speech. The site took a stern step and banned Wisconsin Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen . 
Nehlen made use of his twitter account and posted a racist image that he placed as the face of a Cheddar Man or a dark skinned British ancestor and one of the oldest skeletons found in the UK, and who experts believe had dark skin. over actress and  Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle. The soon to be Royal is from a mixed race and Nehlen tried to show this inappropriately in his controversial tweet. The tweet was condemned by many people globally, including actor Patrick J Adams who has also shared screen with Markle on Suits said that Nehlen is a sick man with no sense of shame or class.

Twitter justifying their move said that though it doesn’t normally comment on individual accounts and tweets, but said that the permanent suspension followed because of "repeated violations" of the terms of service of the online news and social networking service.

Nehlen, the Wisconsin Republican who has a long history of expressing his racist views unconcealed is having high hopes of unseating House Speaker Paul Ryan in the 2018 mid-term elections. Nehlen is also an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, (was that a surprise?) and according to reports earlier also he has tried to spread anti-Semitic and alt-right memes on various social media handles.

  Twitter had previously suspended Nehlen for about a week in January this year over his anti-Semitic comments, and due to his continuous support for white supremacist ideology. In some instances he had used direct message groups to coordinate various harassment campaigns. Breitbart , the news and opinion website had earlier supported Nehlen's not so successful run against Ryan in 2016, but ended the alliance in December 2017.

The controversial congressional candidate Nehlen hasn’t still commented on the ban as of now but a Facebook post of his tried to show the suspension by twitter as censorship.

This ban by twitter is a step which shows that the social networking site will not let notable political figures violate its policies and will take strong actions against them….be it banning them too.


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