Transformation goals: AAMIR KHAN

Just look at this mesmerising journey of superstar AAMIR KHAN for Dangal , from putting on 97 kilos to 6 packs abs. What other dedication level you can demand from such a superstar.

Aamir is a perfectionist they said, Well said 

Just a while ago UTV MOTION PICTURES launched a video on their facebook page and it has got around 1.5 million views in just 4 hours . This video is a short sneak peak of Aamir khan's tranformation for Dangal is in insane. He has left each and every one on earth awestruck simply by his transformation from putting on 97 kilos of weight to getting 6 packs this can only be done by Mr. perfectionist.


If you havent watched the video jump of your couch and just brace yourself from being motivated and hit the gym and shred just like aamir did from 37 percent body fat to 6 percent.

A transformation goal indeed!

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