This Voice India Kids finalist got admission in a all boys school. The Reason is Not What You Think It Is

Realising the passion of life at a very early age happens to only few. Now trend has changed, Parents of children are completing their dreams through their child. Its really appreciating how the Parents, schools, bollywood industry and the country is putting their efforts in encouraging the kids and pushing them forward to follow up their dreams. So are the Singing contests giving the platform to the aspiring children to help them to pursue and live their passion. One of them is Shekinah Mukhiya, a 11 year old girl who was seen in Voice India Kids telecasted on & TV. She was one of the 6 finalists in that national music reality show. She is now a known star who won hearts of many. These kids had to be laborious practicing all day and night. At such a tender age, they have to do a lot as it is never easy to perform at national stage where whole lots of cameras and people are gathered to judge you. The Judges Shaan, Himesh, Palak Muchhal and Papon while her father Vikas strummed the guitar during her performances. But it's not only the story, they also have to get back to their schools and study everything they missed. Same happened with Shekinah when after the end of the shoots of Voice Kids in Mumbai, She moved back to her School in Dehradun. But because of the drastic short fall in her attendance as she was at Voice India Kids show, her school denied to promote her from Class 6th to 7th. but fortunately a boys’ school agreed to the approach making an exception in her case. Col Brown Cambridge School, established in 1926 is a prestigious institution where former Prime minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh and actor Raj Kapoor studied. Shekinah will be the only girl student in the entire school. She has to dress up in an uniform alike of the boys of that school. “I will wear a white shirt with green stripes and dark green pants like the boys at school,” she said. She will have access to the staff’s washroom as other are for boys only. The girl’s parents are the teachers at the school so they will always be there to help her out if any. Shekinah’s father’s love for music is passed on to her. "I was nervous as well as excited in the audition rounds. I sang Kaisi Paheli Hai Yeh Zindagani which was liked by all the coaches and that boosted my morale," Shekinah said. Indu Bala Singh, the proctor, understood the situation of Shekinah and recognised her Talent. He said, “At our school, a lot of attention is paid to hobbies and interests. It is not only about academics. If children are allowed to follow their passion, they turn out to be better, wholesome individuals.” The school granted her admission and a seat in Class 7. Shekinah said, “I Am happy. I want to be a singer and I also want to complete my studies on time.” From today She will pursue her studies as school will reopen. She is too excited go to her new school but also miss her old school and friends.

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