This 12 Year Old Girl Steals Her Mother’s Phone and Writes Something Shocking On Her FB Wall

Facebook is the most convenient way to connect to people anywhere in the world. From small kids to adults everyone is an active user of Facebook. But do you know how Facebook may prove disastrous for the children? Various reports prove that in 60% of the crimes committed using Facebook, the victims are the children below 16 year of age.

Why this happens? This is just because the parents have become ignorant towards their children. Actually, in the sake of materialism, people are neglecting their children and that’s why they chooses these social media platform and trust each and every anonymous people.

But here’s what happened is very shocking:

Lakyra Evans, a 12 year old girl steals her mom’s phone and then beseech the people to be adopted in her Facebook post. The young girl not only begged for herself but for her complete family, siblings, and mother included to be adopted this year.

As, Christmas is round the corner, the Evans family can’t earn their bread and butter easily. That’s why the girl used her mom’s social media to urge the entire community for clothing and beds. A lot of people reunited behind her to make this Christmas a wonderful experience for them. Besides basic necessities, the family was blessed with many gifts which elated them. Now, Lakyra’s little sister, Nahima would not be tormented in the school for wearing same clothes in the school as she has been presented with many new beautiful dresses. Really, it is a dream come true for the family. It’s not less than a miracle which happened through a social media platform. And who would have thought that the Facebook community would give a whooping positive response towards the plea by a young girl.

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