This is by far the most horrible news so far.
Bengaluru, known for its broad mind set and the people it has, saw a disgusting incident on New Year Ever.
Police got at least 6 suspects on Wednesday, days after the rage erupted in the country when videos were posted showing several women being groped and molested on the street while New Year Eve’s in the otherwise known as the Sillicon Valley.
At first the city police denied of such incidents being reported but later on Wednesday, police Officer Hemant Nimbalkar said at least six men were held back after several video clips showing women being molested by groups of men went viral on the social media.

What has shocked everyone is that this kind of thing happened in Bengaluru and how yet, the violence against women is still at large.
What’s more, One senior state government said that the women should not try to copy the West, not in the outfit and not in the attitude.

Earlier, the police said that no one came to speak and report about those gruesome incidents.
But since then, at least one woman has opened her mouth, come forward and told all about how she molested on that Saturday Night. Other people said that they saw the whole thing and also that the men were making dirty remarks. State Government, however claims that more than 15oo police personnel were on the duty to control the crowds, if it got out of control.

Meanwhile, the girl herself, who was molested horribly came forward, Chaitali Wasnick and she told that she was heading home at around 1:30 am when two men approached her and she thought she should move aside and let them pass. They stopped, circled right around her and and then horror began.
It was so gruesome to watch, Pink doesn’t even cover it.
The sad thing is, she had no idea what would happen next as they molested her but no one came to rescue her. And there was no police around either.
Bangalore published these photos caught on the camera along with pictures of other women subjected to the same fate, the State’s Home Minister, G Parameshwara, said  “copying the Westerners, not only in their mindset, but even in their dressing.”

“These kind of things do happen,”

Yeah, right. Girls in anything other than jeans are worshipped.



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