The Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh.

Bhagat Singh who is one of the greatest martyrs ever born in India offered his life at the altar of India his motherland’s freedom struggle only in his 23rd year is remembered every year as the dedicated son of India. As an inspiring personality, he has given so much to inspire the World in terms of his ideologies, self-confidence and the never-ending sense of determination, patriotism towards our motherland and positive thinking. 
Let us take you through some lesser-known facts about Bhagat Singh that will help us all respect him even more than now.

On the very next day of the unfortunate Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Bhagat Singh who was just twelve years visited that place. He collected some soil which was still wet with the blood of the martyrs and stored it in a jar telling his sister to look at It as it was the blood of our people killed by British and asked her to..Salute it.

During the time his marriage was being planned, Bhagat Singh ran away from home and wrote a letter that read, My life has been dedicated to the noblest cause of the freedom of the country so there is no worldly desire that can lure me now.
Bhagat Singh joined the Hindustan Republican Association and recommended the change of its name to Hindustan Socialist Republican Association.

When his team decided to assassinate James A. Scott in order to avenge the death of Lala Lajpat Rai the plot unfortunately misfired and Bhagat Singh and Rajguru ended up killing John P.Saunders who was an Assistant Superintendent of Police.

Once in jail when he was in jail Bhagat Singh and his friends wished to end the pathetic and depressing conditions inside the prison and thus they went on a hunger strike. Jatin Das, however, died after 63 days of hunger strike while Bhagat Singh and B.K. Dutt continued it until 116 days and the British accepted their claims. At that time Bhagat Singh was a popular name only in Punjab but the hunger strike made him popular all over India and even abroad. The hunger strike created a world record at that time surpassed the previous one of 97 days of hunger strike by an Irish revolutionary.

Bhagat Singh liked to gain knowledge and read many books. The life in prison gave him enough time to read and he took notes from the poems and prose he read that he used later. 

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