There were times when people in India made it to ILETS to study abroad and earn foreign affiliated degrees. However, apparently ILETS has become a passage for youth to earn in dollars or pounds!

The college graduates today have developed a unique ideology of choosing smart work over hard work. There is a wave of making money abroad over studying abroad .

They believe making money in the end matters, so why to take so many pains in studying so much earlier only to have jobs that they can have even without much qualification in abroad.

Money value to them matters, earning in handsome dollars or pounds meaning earning in lump - sum in INR. And there they crack ILETS to fly across the oceans.  

“Study abroad has become a mere cliché these days for no one is ready to invest so much in academics just to have a job that might not even return what was invested.”

Indeed what the youth is resorting to do is smart work i.e. study at home and make money at foreign floors!

To them making money in abroad easy for the value in INR multiplies, enabling them to bring huge amount back home.

The question of ethics involved here, however varies from person to person. For some education is a long term investment that bears fruits for life. While for some, money matters more than education, they are ready to take the risks if it comes to making money.

Perhaps it would be wrong to comment on the new evolving ideologies of the budding youth for they are the near future of our nation. May be earning money is more logical than earning education or may be sacrificing advanced education for making money is a short vision.

With the changing times, thinking and ideologies change, influencing the lifestyles and ambitions. What is in trend today may go under covers in future for its all about living in transience!





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